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New Single Channel Preston Cradle

screenshot-myhub-autodesk360-com-2016-10-09-19-02-4020160530_1451581 20160530_1452031

All new design and lower cost. This new cradle is one piece and it “clicks” into the seam on handset making hang on well. Overall smaller footprint and this lets me lower the price to $35, Note that Shipping of $12 covers up to 4 units.

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LMB15 Tilt tray.

screenshot-cad.onshape.com 2016-02-03 09-40-29 screenshot-cad.onshape.com 2016-02-03 09-41-0120160523_1054461
This allows you to put up to three filters directly into the Arri LMB15 in one tray slightly tilted to help with filter reflections $65

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Preston Sun Shade

Helps viewability of the small LCD screen on the Preston handset Mobile Upload 2016-05-11 15-41-5720160516_1118261 $18.00


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